Shock, Horror, Amazement.

The feelings I felt when I found out that every single room I would be teaching in had access to an Interactive White Board (IWB).

However, over the course of my placement, I never saw nor used the IWB as anything more than a projector. It has been hailed as a revolution in classrooms increasing a students interactive ability with the classes content. Yoojin Chelsea Jang discounts this statement and talk about the failure of the Interactive White Board in her article.

In this school however my mentor detailed how she had sat through countless lessons, learning how to use the IWB to enhance the learning of her students to the fullest extent. And I fully believed she put in everything she could, she had to be one of the most enthusiastic teachers I have ever met.

But one thing brought the whole system down, calibration.

Because of the type of IWB chosen for the school. The IWB needed to be calibrated constantly, and that lasted for about a week before teachers began to get sick of others not calibrating the white board and began to slip themselves. Without calibrating the IWB’s became nothing more than projectors and somehow even managed to stop the most exuberant teacher from using them.

How would I a lowly prac student, even attempt to use them???


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