Positive Behaviour Management

For the most part schools Australia wide have adopted the positive behaviour management strategy. On all of my previous placements behaviour has not been an issue at all, the most frustrating behaviour a student exhibited was being a chatterbox. And that was it, I had no students with learning difficulties or behavioural issues.

This was the first time i ever actually had to think about and implement behaviour strategies. Both my mentors pushed positive behaviour management (PBM). One of them really believed in it, citing how she could never imaging running a classroom routine that wasn’t controlled with PBM. The other did it simply because it was the schools policy I assume.

The Safe School Hub totes the amazing results the approach can have when taken by the whole school.

I can kind of agree, with a whole school approach the effects of PBM can be discerned in the facts of a schools results. But really I don’t think it is the holy grail of behaviour management and sometimes after a hundred carrots some students need a small stick.

Positive Behaviour Management

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