During my placement I like all of us have been so busy doing all of our lesson plans ensuring that we learn something new everyday. I did keep a diary of my experiences but it was not until I started reading some of the blogs of other students that I realised that my blog could be a good place to showcase my reflections, it is too late to do weekly reflections like Ella. So instead I will do a whole placement reflection.

I always get so nervous before my first day of placement, its like a pit inside your stomach that I am sure we have all been familiar with at some point. But overall my prac went great. I learnt some very valuable skills and improved dramatically like I hope we all did. The ten essential skills and explicit teaching as well as positive behaviour management were the  three main focuses for my placement.

For the first time behaviour was an issue and I discovered I was a bit of a softie. I have since learnt a few small ways of combatting my inner niceness by having an internal counter for warnings before moving a student or writing their name on the board or in more extreme cases sending them to “buddy class” which thankfully only happened once.

That was honestly my biggest issue, and I still have a long way to go but I think I have made significant progress and am proud of my performance on placement overall.


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