So Long, Farewell, Au Revoir

As a Sound Of Music lover this was not an opportunity I could miss so enjoy this link.

This is my last blog post for EDC3100.

I wish I could say I was sad that it has ended but I cannot tell a lie.

Blogging still seems pointless for me and doesn’t seem to have changed yet. But it has expanded my horizons when dealing with ICT. Never had I imagined the issues surrounding ICT were so wide and varied. Nor had I given much thought to what technologies are available to use today and their use in the classroom. Barely able to wrap my head around that I am then confronted with the fast paced and ever changing world of ICT the future of ICT just makes my head hurt.

Because of these lessons I have learnt my philosophy on ICT has changed. ICT is not something to teach students how to use, it is much more than that.

Its learning how to use it safely, how to apply knowledge, and not waiting for the future to change but teaching students that they are the force which will guide the future of technology and how to handle that responsibility.

So Long, Farewell, Au Revoir

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