Teenagers Are Mean

Reading through Sarah’s Blog Posts (yes, I know I seem to keep using her as another blog link) I found her post about cyber-bullying. It always saddens me that bullying is so prevalent in our society and in so many different ways. But before reading Sarah’s post I had never really considered that bullying could be done inadvertently.

That apps and software have to be invented to prevent this is sad. Reword It, acts to recognise when someone who has downloaded the technology has written something mean or inappropriate like “idiot”, “retard” or “stupid” the technology responds by placing a red line through the word and therefore alerting the writer that they had written something inappropriate.

Technology like this shouldn’t have to exist but because it does it should be part of parent pamphlets so they are more aware of the precautions they could take to better educate their kids. Schools should take similar approaches as well.

Cyber bullying is too important not to take precautions like this.

Teenagers Are Mean

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